The wooden radio by Magno complies with the following design guidelines:

Design concept I: Form

“Design is like a journey full of adventure. I don’t get headaches about ‘the market.’ I try to integrate as many impressions from day-to-day life as possible. In my opinion, articles of daily use are like living beings. They have a form that makes an impact on us unconsciously. We often forget that nowadays: We regard products merely as serving objects …”

Design concept II: Time

“The wood I use for the manufacturing process may need as long as 50 years to reach maturity. I want people not only to think about exotic or precious woods but likewise about the fact that good things require time. All objects that surround us should be thought-provoking. Craftsmanship originally was the art of dealing with raw materials in a sensible and economical way.”

Design concept III: Perception

“I believe we should perceive the goods that surround us with full awareness. Although it’s possible to buy products, their actual message only unfolds through observation. Only then can the spiritual value of a product come into existence.”

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