MAGNO wooden radio wr01a-2Bipod

Manufactured between:


Worth knowing:

- Every MAGNO radio represents a one-of-a-kind piece, crafted by hand
   in 16 hours.
- It features a consecutive production number.
- The sound is very pure and resonant due to the radio receiver employed and
   the especially suitable wood (made of East Indian rosewood, the same
   material from which many musical instruments, such as flutes and guitars,
   are made).
- The radio receives VHF and medium wave.
- Connections for iPod® or MP3 player, respectively.
- Comes in an elegant box.


- Light wood: pine
- Dark wood: East Indian rosewood

Recommended care for the radio: rubbing in a drop of pine or teak oil on its surface every once in a while.


Length: 19.1 x width: 11.7 x height: 13.5 cm; weight: 955 grams

The MAGNO radio is manufactured entirely by hand in the workshop of the designer. Marginal deviations are therefore possible.


Works with two AA batteries (not provided). It is possible to connect a power supply unit (not included due to different socket systems in the EU).


EUR 140.00 (VAT included)

For your information: In the moment we have no wooden radios in stock. Nevertheless there are some resellers that still have some radios in stock. Just send us a quick note in order to inform you where you might find a radio.
If you should search for other radio models by Singgih Kartono (wooden radio CUBE) please don't hesitate to contact us as well as we might can assist you to find your prefered radio.


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