The origin of wooden radio:

The wooden radio by Magno is fabricated by hand, piece by piece, at Singgih Susilo Kartono’s workshop in Temanggung in Central Java (Indonesia).

What initially started as a makeshift solution at the house of the designer has developed into a manufacturing location employing young wood handicraftsmen. The workers have to learn how to work with wood for about a year before they are capable of meeting the requisite high standards of quality. Many of the tools had to be invented from scratch so that they would comply with the Magno manufacturing requirements.

A factory workshop was completed not long ago in which 50 young high school graduates will learn how to work with wood. The handicraftsmen are to work in airy and bright rooms that do not impart the feeling of a production plant but, instead, integrate nature, wind and light.

Alongside learning a profession, the workshop assures the livelihood of many families in Temanggung on a long-term basis.

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